Funding 50 Years of History

Marking the 50th Anniversary of the West Hants Historical Society

It's our big anniversary

For over 50 years, the West Hants Historical Society has collected and preserved the stories and artifacts of families, businesses and organizations that contributed to the life of Windsor and West Hants.

To mark our 50th anniversary, the WHHS is raising $50,000 for “Funding History” that will provide a sustainable base for operations and development for the next 50 years.


Half of all monies raised will fund a future-oriented sustainable financial base. This will be invested and provide ongoing operational funds.


Half of all monies raised will be used to renovate and restore our Museum, the building that houses and protects the collection and archives. Specific needs include heat pumps, roof restorations and artifact storage.

Next 50 Years

With your help, our Museum and Archives can continue to provide programs, print histories, and entertain children and visitors for another 50 years - or more.

The Homeowner's Challenge

Homeowners in Windsor/West Hants who donate $50 or more can receive a small plaque reflecting the age of your home.


First meeting of the WHHS was held on April 13, 1973.


WHHS campaigned to open the Blockhouse at Fort Edward to the public.


WHHS moved into the old Methodist Church on King Street.


The WHHS has over 13,000 artifacts and approximately 75 members.

Ways You Can Help

Donating to our “Funding History” campaign benefits all our local residents and businesses. Seniors have their memories preserved, while youth have their dreams fed with tales of the past. Businesses and organizations benefit from the numerous visitors who come to explore our colourful history and their family origins. Governments and public agencies use research provided by WHHS to shape current plans which reflect the past use of lands and properties.

If you are a local homeowner, you can donate through our Homeowner Challenge! 

All donations are gratefully accepted! Click here to make an online donation.

Corporate and retail contributors will receive recognition.

How the WHHS Helps

The WHHS has been serving Windsor and West Hants for over 50 years. In that time, we've impacted several generations of residents and visitors alike.

Fort Edward Guides

Ty, a student guide hired by WHHS in 2022, beamed as he welcomed over 2000 local and international guests to Fort Edward through the summer. Many visitors commented favourably on the presentations and the welcome they felt in West Hants.

Historical Photographs & Resources

The Hants County Exhibition drew on the WHHS collection of photographs to build a display to celebrate their 257th year. Local developers and homeowners also use the collection to research the history and previous owners of their property to get insights that are not available in municipal or provincial files.

Honouring Ancestral Lifestyles

The museum itself honours the lifestyle of our ancestors and keeps their memories alive through the collection and display of artifacts, documents and stories that are important to this specific geographic location. The Society also recognizes the importance and legacy of the indigenous presence that predates colonial settlement. Our hope is to tell more of the Mi’kmaq story as the Museum expands its capabilities.

International Visitors

Scott from Portland, Oregon disembarked from his cruise ship in Halifax, jumped in a waiting taxi and drove to Windsor to stand in the footsteps of his Acadian ancestors at Fort Edward. He then researched some relatives in the WHHS archives before heading back to Halifax to continue his cruise. Another happy international visitor!

Family Histories

Sarah and her sister were directed to WHHS by the Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia to continue research on their family history. They were impressed with the depth of the genealogical files of their relatives and enjoyed the museum’s depictions of their daily lives, clothing and events.

Student & School Trips

Young students on a school visit spread quickly through the Museum asking questions about artifacts and reading the descriptions. WHHS preserves the historic church building that also provides space for researchers and local groups. Authors, community leaders and visitors are as excited as the students to use the meeting space and kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Based in Windsor, the WHHS runs a seasonal museum as well as a genealogy department that is open year-round. In addition, we provide summer guide service at the Fort Edward Blockhouse.

To raise $50,000 by Sept 25, 2023.

Our sources of funding will be:

  • donations from homeowners and other citizens
  • gifts from prominent local and provincial businesses
  • grants from federal, provincial, and municipal governments
  • and funds raised at special events.
"Preserving the past and securing the future are both outcomes of this campaign."
Dwight Bennett
Former CAO, West Hants Regional Municipality
"I’m always amazed at the detailed historical material the West Hants Historical Society continues to gather. We are so fortunate to have this group actively looking for ways to continue preserving our past and educating our future generations. This campaign will provide the support the society needs to continue this great work.”
Abraham Zebian
Mayor, West Hants Regional Municipality
“Growing up in Hantsport and now residing in Windsor, I have come to appreciate the wonderful history that this community has been built on over the decades. The West Hants Historical Society has been the care taker and protector of our important history over the past 50 years. Now this is the opportunity for us to support its efforts for the next 50 years in the “Funding 50 Years” campaign.
Anna Allen
Former Mayor, West Hants Regional Municipality

If you want to support the next 50 Years of our History, please donate today.

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